About Us

MM/I and Associates, LLC’s mission is to provide clients with professional, value driven low cost services. We provide a satisfaction guarantee for all services provided. We work to enhance our clients' bottom line. We help to open markets through comprehensive multicultural marketing and communication strategies.

MM/I and Associates, LLC was founded in August of 2003. The company originally focused on interpreter services for the insurance industry and public agencies. As  the firm grew, under the leadership of Manny and Iris Marbet, the need for additional  marketing and communications  services was realized based on the growing customer base. Many companies, educational institutions and public agencies needed to adapt their business practice to meet the needs of the growing Hispanic population. We became the vehicle for helping our clients connect the dots.

A native of Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico and a resident of North Carolina for over 43 years, Manny has always been an advocate for breaking barriers and getting people to communicate for the good of all. Manny has extensive experience in marketing and communications in the public sector. However, the team includes professionals with extensive private sector marketing and communications experience. MM/I and Associates, LLC has helped public agencies with the development of Hispanic Action Plans. Iris has served as an educator, businessperson, advocate, and community leader. As an African American female, she brings a wealth of sensitivity and communications expertise to the firm. She has always been a strong advocate for breaking barriers through communication and education. Manny and Iris' experiences became the impetus for the formation of MM/I and Associates, LLC.

At MM/I and Associates, LLC, we believe that continual interaction with our clients is crucial for a successful outcome. We stay in touch by email, mail, by phone, or in person so that our clients know what is happening and how our work is helping them. Most importantly, we like to know our clients and build a fruitful relationship. Our clients depend on us to look for emerging trends that can help them reach new or expanded target markets. Our relationship with clients is that of a trusted "partner". We often are extension of their organization’s family.