MM/I and Associates, LLC is a multicultural marketing and communications firm. The firm is located in Raleigh, North Carolina. MM/I and Associates, LLC provides translation, interpreter, strategic marketing and communications, media relations, community outreach, and communication plan services. We can also customize our services to meet your specific marketing and communication needs. This in turn can help you reach out to your target population. The firm is in business to help clients understand and prosper in the growing and changing multicultural markets.

We are in business to assist in communicating our similarities and respecting our differences. Our clients include engineering firms, educational institutions, and state and federal government agencies.  We also assist community organizations, small to medium retail businesses, and churches.

The State Department of Transportation and other local government agencies certify our firm as a DBE and SPSF firm. The services we provide to government agencies allow them to reach their target population and comply with state and federal requirements. These requirements may include providing equal access to information to persons with limited English proficiency and other language barrier needs.

MM/I and Associates, LLC can be your source for attracting the fast growing Hispanic market. We can assist your firm overcome the language and cultural barriers. We are in business to help you communicate and get your message out. We are the firm you can count on for all your multicultural and marketing needs.